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Kreptis Ranks

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Kreptis Ranks Empty Kreptis Ranks

Post  Skye Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:27 pm

Ranks are titled first by their more commonly known names, and then their kreptic names.
Ranks are only earned through RP! So if you want a rank be apart of the RP sessions we have! Very Happy Everyone starts as a First Tier rank and work their way up!

Retirement Tier

-Shadow Walker-

The most respected of the clan. These ones have the utmost wisdom and knowledge of the Kreptis, and have served their time for their clan. These consist of retired Shadow Weaver's (Alphas) that let the future of the clan carry on in a member of their choosing. To hear a story from one of these veterans is a great honor, and not to be taken lightly, for all information from these members is past history and important for others to pass down and keep the Kreptis tradition and culture alive.

Highest Tier

Alpha ATEC   ABL
-Shadow Weaver-
Male Kreptwyver  Female Kreptwyra
2 Per Clan

The rulers and law of the clan. Their words are final; any questioning will be dealt with accordingly. If a member objects or challenges the authority of the Shadow Weavers, they will be seen as an automatic threat, and will be punished harshly with death or exile. The two may both be males, or may both be females. Shadow Weavers do not have to be mates unless desired. The Shadow Weavers have the final say of accepting new members into the clan and rank all worthy recruits. A Kreptwyver may have more than one mate in a clan, but will often bond strongly to one in particular and that bond is everlasting. Shadow Weavers have ultimate breeding rights, and any newborns from any other rank will have to pass judgement before them to be accepted into the group. Omegas are not allowed to breed.


-Shadow Bane-
Male Beta Kreptbenn  Female Beta Kreptbae
2 Per Clan

Shadow Banes act as the second in command of the clan. The same rules as the Shadow Weavers apply to the Shadow Banes. Any disrespect towards them will be punished to the appropriate degree. They make sure that the clan is in proper condition and take charge whenever the Shadow Weavers are not present. They are also given the role of exile or termination. Shadow Banes are next in line to take the position of Shadow Weaver after the higher rank’s passing. Exceptions may be made if the circumstances prove complicated. Two are allowed.

Delta DTEC   DBL
-Shadow Stalker-
Male Delta Skelken  Female Delta Skelti
2 Per Clan

The Shadow Stalkers are third in command with lesser authority than Shadow Weavers and Shadow Banes. They are to be the next in line should something happen to both Shadow Banes. They aid Shadow Banes in the group's activities and step in when needed. Two are allowed.

Mediator MTEC   MBL
-Eyes of A'kra-
5 Per Clan

They are the ever watching peace keepers of the clan. They fall below in rank to the Shadow Weavers, Shadow Banes, and Shadow Stalkers. Regulating and maintaining order along side the higher ups. They report any mishap or rule breaker without falter. The Eyes of A'kra was once a title to be feared. An angry and relentless emperor once branded his most trusted subjects the duty of being his eyes and ears of his kingdom, going to great lengths to up hold the laws. The convicted were thrown into dungeons where they were tortured and brain washed or even killed over the most trivial rules. A maximum of five are to be appointed in the group.

Chieftain xTEC   xBL
4 Per Clan

Arcbane act as the advisers to the higher ranks and commander to the lower ranks. They specifically make sure that each rank is highly organized and trained properly. There can be up to four Chieftains who keep track of all recruits ready to receive their rank. Arcbanes give the recruits their rank test, and once proven worthy, the recruit will then be given a rank from a Shadow Weaver. Each rank test depends on the rank the recruit is trying to receive, and can vary from leading a feeding party, to sparring with a higher rank.

4th Tier

Royal Defender ixTEC   ixBL
-Black Vanquishers-
5 Per Clan

The Black Vanquishers are the high and royal guardians. They are effectively trained and disciplined to protect the higher ranks of any dangers and will gladly give up their life to do so. A selective few of up to five Kreptis will be appointed this crucial rank. If deemed worthy can advance to Chieftain.

Black Alternator Relic rTEC    rBL

-Shadow Seers-
2 Per clan

Relics are Kreptis with abilities who have highly mastered their skills and fine tuned them to perfection. These are usually Witches that have advanced in skill and strength. A Relic's skills are used in times of great battle, when special magics are needed. They help mentor and aid the Witches. If deemed worthy can advance to Chieftain.

3rd Tier

Lead Sentinels wTEC   wBL
-Kreptic Warlord  Kreptic Warmistress-
1 Male and 1 Female per Clan

Head of the Kreptis assigned to fight and protect the clan. They have all battle and protection responsibilities, including making sure the Sentry are well trained and prepared, leading battles and spars, and making sure new Sentry recruits are capable enough to earn their rank from a Shadow Weaver and pass the Arcbane's test. If deemed worthy can be ranked up to a Royal Defender.

Witch irTEC    irBL
-Shadow Whisperer Necrodite-
3 Per clan

Kreptis who have rare and unusually skillful abilities. Usually in healing or magics of a helpful nature, they move alongside the Healers after battle. A Healer can advance to a Necrodite with the proper training, while a Witch proven to be skilled in their abilities may advance to Relic.

Lead Hunter/Huntress sTEC   sBL

1 Male and 1 Female per clan

The Skeptilis is in charge of forming "Feeding" parties. A Lead Huntress and Hunters all have a uniquely large core cavity, in which they can store excess soul energy to bring back to the group. The Lead Huntress is an expert in tracking mortals and using advanced feeding techniques to remain unnoticed while feeding. A Skeptilis will have a vast knowledge of different prey and its behavior and will lead feeding parties for the pack. if deemed worthy can be ranked up to a Royal Defender.

2nd Tier

Assassin kTEC   kBL

6 per Clan

This Kreptis is highly tuned with the vast knowledge of evasion and infiltration. A Krou will creep into an enemy’s perimeter effortlessly and with great subtlety and carry out the assassination or other order given by a Shadow Weaver. They are skilled in Kreptis stealth and master their shadowy nature, becoming invisible to even most other Kreptis. If deemed Worthy can become a Lead Sentinel.

Hunter isTEC   isBL
8 per clan

Kreptis trained and designed to hunt alongside the Lead Huntress. They follow her lead and learn the proper time length to feed on a living creature and how to go unnoticed. Scroungles also learn how to react when spotted by a living being. These Kreptis are trained to carry the excess soul energy properly and feed their members appropriately. If worthy can be ranked up to Lead Hunter or Huntress

Healer iirTEC    iirBL
-Black Alternator Skroheilin-
5 per Clan

Healers tend to the weakened and "wounded" Kreptis. They have basic abilities in healing and understand Kreptis anatomy to where they can effectively mend one during or after a battle or spar. They are the first at the end of a battle scene, but never out on the field. Healers who advance in their skills may become Necrodites.

1st Tier

Sentinel iwTEC    iwBL
-Kreptic Sentry-
8 per clan

The fearless warriors under the command of the Kreptic Warlord and Mistress. They shall take orders given without thought or question. Sometimes, a handful of sentries will be given the main objective to protect the Healers. They are known as Kreptic Paladins. Kreptic Sentries can either advance to a Scroungle or a Krou if deemed worthy

Scout vTEC    vBL
8 per Clan

The Vaungers are the clan’s eyes and ears, acting as a cartographer and mapping out good feeding sites as well as the whereabouts of Bloodling territory. They have acute senses when it comes to danger, and have a tendency to always be on alert.  Vaungers can either advance to a Scroungle or a Krou if deemed worthy.

Caretaker mTEC    mBL  (not to be confused with MTEC/MBL)
5 per Clan

Myvren help take care and watch over the Newborns and Younglings who are not yet old enough. They are ferociously protective guardians to the young ones and temporary mentors. Myvren are entrusted to stay watch at the Kreptis home site whenever the rest of the clan is out on duty. Myvren are usually made up of younger females who are too young to gain a rank, or older females that have grown much too old to keep up with the rest. When needed will also help and guide Hausk to their full potential. If earned can be Ranked up to a Healer (Black Alternator Skroheilin)

Punishment Tier

Omega oTEC   oBL

The second lowest of the ranks and underprivileged. They do not breed. They are the last to feed, and usually have been punished for an extreme offense and were lucky enough to not be killed by a Shadow Weaver. The Krawl do whatever is asked of them and are only able to rank up again through months of duties. Once Forgiven by the Shadow weaver, and all duties are complete, They are able to rank up to Sentinels

Bone Collectors ocTEC   ocBL


Bone collectors are of the lowest tier, Even lower than the omegas in The Punishment Tier. They carry a rancid smell and are the weakest out of all the Krepti in the clan. They collect the remains from hunting trips, Carrying the flesh and bones of the victims that had their soul taken from them. Along with the omegas they are the last to feed, at times aren't fed at all. If forgiven by the Shadow Weaver, they may move up to the Scout rank.


Newborn TEC   BL


The offspring of the group. A newborn is naturally born without markings until they are 6 months of age. At that time they become recruits and are taken in to earn a rank. Newborns grow and age as a normal Kreptis would, and hold a blank TEC or BL tag until a rank is earned.

Youngling TEC   BL

Younglings are Kreptis that died very young, such as an infant or child. They do not grow in size or shape like newborns, and are limited to the Kreptic form they were born into. While size and strength may not change, Younglings do mentally age, and their minds develop normally like any newborn. Younglings maintain a blank TEC or BL tag until a rank is earned. Or IF a rank is earned. Some Younglings are so restricted and weakened by their forms that they don't have the ability to rank up, and keep a blank TEC tag.

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