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General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Post  Skye Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:13 pm

Bloodlings and TEC:

Bloodlings are not a separate group. They are Kreptis, and while not part of The Ebon Circle pack, follow all rules on this site, just like TEC. Both are expected to listen and respect the Site Officials, on the site, and in the game. If a Site Official tells you to knock it off, you better knock it off. Even if they are part of the opposite pack. The Bloodlings and TEC WILL have a leader and ranks of their own, but Rp ranks do not mean you have authority outside of Rp, unless you are a Site Official. This means all members must be familiar with the Site Officials. Know the names and users of each, and make sure to give them the proper respect.

Character Appearance:

A member of the group must have a character with pitch black color codes. 0 Black on all bars for pelt and underfur. Markings are optional and may be any color, but must be kept subtle (manes, tail tips, eyes, above and below eyes, and noses are an exception). Higher ranking members only shall bear brightly colored markings. Choice of species and form is completely optional. Newborns below a month old have no markings. Younglings have very dim colorations throughout their lives. Wings are to be no more than 40 on each bar of the slider. This goes for any rank. Items are optional.

Presets are optional but must follow the guidelines above. They are to be all black with dim markings, but design and coding is optional.

Group Tag:

All members must have their group tag, TEC or BL implemented in their name. Look like you're a part of the group. No "M" for male or "F" for female or any other additions are allowed in your tag. Your Rp rank tag must be worn at all times, and it is highly suggested your rank be placed in your Bio. Higher ranks will be the only members to have all capitalized tags. The only exception is for Newborns and Younglings, who simply keep the tag TEC or BL until they are ranked.

General Respect:

You must show respect to your fellow members as well as your Site Officials. There is a hierarchy of authority for the Kreptis, and the Site Officials have that authority. This means you must respect anyone higher up than you. If you have a problem with what you’re being told to do, consult an Admin. Inappropriate behavior towards one another will not be tolerated. This is not a fight or drama club; you will be removed. We're a family.

Everyone is expected to have some degree of maturity in this group. We all can be immature at times, especially OOC, but please, don't be so severe about it. Members will not be allowed to run about, and harass or act vulgar towards members or other players and taint the name of the clan. Trolling will result in punishment. Trolling will be defined as: "Purposefully offending or harassing someone else, even when they tell you or ask you to stop." Strong usage of vulgarity, such as, raping, talking about rape lightly, buttsex, actions suggesting sex, excessive talk about genitals is not allowed in Local. Please keep it to a minimum in OOC Group. Perversion, being heavily perverted, is not allowed in Local, and also must be kept to a down-low in Group too. Remember that there are kids on FH, and in our Rp, and not everyone wants to hear it. There is no need to go too far. If you have to talk about such things, create a Party Chat or Whisper. Everyone is REQUIRED to read the FH Rules: Feral Heart Game Rules

Mild language is only acceptable either in Group chat, or in RP. Be mindful that younger players also play Feral Heart. "Shit" is a passable word if used every once in a blue moon. Rape is not allowed. As mentioned above, keep vulgar terms to yourself.

Please refrain from bringing any personal problems you may be dealing with onto others. It's fine if you'd like to have someone to talk about it with you, just keep it at a minimal level. We are here for you, not for a soap opera. The Site Officials are here to help any member who needs it. Everyone is welcome to talk to a Higher Up about any sort of problem, but bringing personal or past drama back into group conversations is not tolerated.

The Kreptis Rp holds the right to not accept an individual into the group without giving a reason, and the right to remove members who do not follow the rules.


All rules above also apply towards the Discord groups! In addition please keep all Political talk and Religious talk out of both FH and the Discord chats!

Please follow these rules. Any behavior breaking these rules will result in a warning(s), or worse.

Note: Rules are susceptible to change at any time if necessary. This also means warnings and removals/bans can change on each individual circumstance. If a Site Official feels that a member should be banned, and has shown proof of why, they may do so.

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