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Post  Skye Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:10 pm

The Kreptis species is a shadowy entity that is trapped in a realm between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Because of this type of parallel "limbo", a Kreptis can interact easily with living beings if they choose to do so. A Kreptis is formed when an individual suffers an intense traumatic death or has lived a hard life full of regrets. It is believed that the species exists to wander the in-between until they come to terms with their regrets and passing.

When a Kreptis is created, or born, they take on a form their souls are connected with. Whether this means they had a bond to this particular form in their past life or if their soul itself seems to be drawn to, one can only guess. When death overtakes the soul and a Kreptis is born, the newly formed shadows do not initially realize they have died. They retain their memories of their past life, and can journey for years upon years before learning they are dead. Those Kreptis who have yet to understand their demise are referred to as Newlings.

Learning and understanding the concept that they are deceased and lost wandering a realm of limbo can be very difficult for a Kreptis to handle. A select few refuse the knowledge and fail the transition, turning into hostile, rogue Kreptis called Bloodlings. Their denial sends them into a maddened insanity, and any other Kreptis or being they meet becomes an enemy. Bloodlings can be quite dangerous, as their madness only allows for destruction and death.

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