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Kreptic Ranks

Post  Jack Hallow on Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:12 pm

The most respected of the clan. These ones have the utmost wisdom and knowledge of life, and have served their time for their clan. These usually consist of retired Shadow Weaver's (alphas) that let the future of the clan carry on in a desired member. To hear a story from one of these veterans is a great honor, and not to be taken lightly, for all information from these members is past history and important for members to pass down to descendants and keep the kreptis tradition alive.

Shadow Weaver
Male Kreptwyver Female Kreptwyra

The rulers and law of the clan. Their words are final; any questioning will be dealt with accordingly. If a member objects or even challenges the authority of the Shadow Weavers will be seen as an automatic act rebel, and will be punished harshly by death or exile. The Shadow Weavers have the final say of accepting a new member into the clan. A Kreptwyver may have more than one mate in a clan, but will often bond strongly to one in particular and that bond is everlasting.


Shadow Bane
Male Beta Kreptbenn Female Beta Kreptbae

Shadow Banes act as the second in command of the clan. The same rules as the Shadow Weavers apply to the Shadow Banes. Any disrespect towards them will be punished to the appropriate degree. They make sure that the clan is in proper condition and take charge whenever the Shadow Weavers are not present. They are also given the role of ban or terminate. Shadow Banes are next in line to take the position of Shadow Weaver after the higher rank’s passing.

Shadow Stalker
Male Delta Skelken Female Delta Skelti

The Shadow Stalkers are third in command with minimum authority than Shadow Weavers and Shadow Banes. They are to be the next in line should something happen to both Shadow Banes. Male and female are allowed to bond with one another, but any spawns birthed will be judged by the Shadow Weavers whether it lives or dies.

Eyes of A'kra

They are the ever watching peace keepers of the clan. Regulating and maintaining order along side the higher ups. They report any mishap or rule breaker without falter. The Eyes of A'kra was once a title to be feared. An angry and relentless emperor once branded his most trusted subjects the duty of being his eyes and ears of his kingdom, going to great lengths to up hold the laws. The convicted were thrown into dungeons where they were tortured and brain washed or even killed over the most trivial rules. A maximum of five are to be appointed in the group. All Eyes of A'kra must actively engage in learning the following skills before being considered for promotions.

- Learning of TEC Rules!!! All of our rules, requirements, and site address. Rules: The Order
- All Mods must know how to handle fights and drama. There are posts and tips on this on the site, but basically: 1) Make sure you let people know they can come to you and trust you. Do not turn anyone away or ignore any cries for help. 2) Tell people that if they’re having a problem with someone, to talk to a Higher Up first. 3) Keep drama to Whisper or Party. Everything that’s being settled does not need to be in Group or Local. 4) If you cannot handle drama yourself, get help from other higher ups. (Be sure to read all the tips on the site)
- All Mods must know the site pretty well. They must be able to navigate it and help members who need to find things.
- Mods must know the proper way to recruit, including how to sign up on the site.
- If certain Mods are allowed Rec access, they ARE allowed to Kick people from TEC. But there must be screenshot PROOF of why those members were kicked. Screenshots are to be sent to Alphas for review.
- Mods must have patience! This is VERY important to being a good Higher Up. You have to know when to be strict, and when to be patient.
- Mods need to know they have authority.Do not to be afraid to punish or scold someone.
- Remember, while each member has equal rights, and as people they are just as good as higher ups, there is a hierarchy of authority in TEC. This means you must respect anyone higher up than you. If you have a problem with what you’re being told to do, consult an Alpha. (THIS GOES FOR EVERYONE, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT WHAT A HIGHER RANK HAS TOLD YOU TO DO)
- Mods reinforce our rules, instead of letting members slip past them. You guys are role models for the group.


Arcbane act as the advisers to the higher ranks and commander to the lower ranks. They specifically make sure that each rank is highly organized and trained properly. There can be up to several chieftains who can have up to numerous groups of fresh recruits that will be under the responsibility and watch of the Arcbane until they prove worthy of a suitable rank. Once proven the recruited will then be advised to the worthy Banes and given a rank.

Royal Defender
Black Vanquishers

The black Vanquishers are the high and royal guardians. They are effectively trained and disciplined to protect the higher ranks of any dangers and will gladly give up their life to do so. A selective few of eight kreptis will be appointed this crucial rank.

Lead Sentinel
Kreptic Warlord Kreptic Warmistress

Head of the Kreptis assigned to fight and protect the clan

Kreptic Sentry

The fearless warriors under the command of the Kreptic Warlord and Mistress. They shall take orders given without thought or question. Sometimes, a handful of sentries will be given the main objective to protect the healers. They are known as Kreptic paladins.

Lead Huntress

The Skeptilis is in charge of forming hunting parties. An expert in hunting and tracking. a Skeptilis will have a vast knowledge of certain prey and its behavior and preform hunting parties to feed the pack. Only a female is given this role.


The kreptis highly tuned with the vast knowledge of evasion and infiltration. A Krou will creep into an enemy’s mound effortlessly and with great subtlety and carry out the assassination giving only by a Shadow Weaver.


Kreptis trained and designed to hunt alongside the lead huntress. Females usually become Scoungles with few exceptions of males.


The vaugers’are the clan’s eyes and ears, acting as a cartographer and mapping out hunting sites as well as the whereabouts of enemy territory. Vaungers can either advance to a Scroungle or a Krou.

Black Alternator Skroheilin

They tend to the weakened with their advanced abilities in Kreptic healing or white magic. They are the first at the end of a battle scene, but never out on the field.

Black Alternator Relic
Relics are also known as Shadow Seers and bare mystical powers beyond that of a normal kreptic healer’s abilities in white magic. They help mentor and aid the Skroheilin, acting at their mentor. A skilled Skroheilin may upgrade to a relic.

Shadow Whisperer Necrodite

Kreptis trained in the arts of black magic and witchcraft. They fight alongside the healers in battle. A healer can advance to a Necrodite with the proper training.


Myvren help take care and watch over spawns in the place of their parents. They are fearful guardians to the young ones and temporary mentors. Myvren are entrusted to stay watch at a den site whenever the rest of the clan is out on duty. Myvren are usually made up of younger females who are too young to gain a rank, or older females that have grown much too old to keep up with the rest.


The offspring of the Shadow Weavers and Shadow Bane. Shadow Stalker spawns will most often be killed by the Kreptwyra. Male spawns will be tempted to leave their clan and form one of their own at the peak of adulthood. The ones that stay are put under the Warlord's wing as a sentry. The females will become den mothers until they've earned desired rank. If a spawn is taken in as an adopted young one, it will be normally taken care of by either a Myvren or the desired adoptive parents. A spawn is naturally born without any unique markings along it's body until 6 months of age, only then will it gain the special ability to recognize its victim's soul and devour it.  

The lowest of the ranks and underprivileged.

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