Lavi's (Long Overdo) Biography

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Lavi's (Long Overdo) Biography

Post  Lavi on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:50 pm

(I thought it was finally time to post it because its been in a text file for forever)

-Biography of Lavi-

-Life as a Kreptis-

Kreptis Name- Lavi
Sex/Gender- Female, usually gets mistaken for a male
Rank- Myvern [Caretaker]
Age- Middle-aged, been a Kreptis for about 200 years
Sexual Orientation- probably asexual
Lover/Love Interests- none, is possibly aromantic
Spawn- none, raises the spawn of others
Kreptis Clan- The Ebon Circle
Theme/Marking Color- Grey
Form of Animal- something between a housecat and a leopard
Theme Fitting of Character- Casey LaLonde - Broken Tines
Lyrics Fitting of Character- Can't find a fitting song yet

-Life Before becoming a Kreptis-


When she was alive, Lavi was a Native American from an unknown tribe sometime in the 1800's. She was the daughter of the chieftain. The chief was planning her to wed off to improve relations with a neighboring tribe. However, Lavi experienced a series of visions (brought about by accidentally consuming mushrooms the shamans use for visions themselves) that changed this decision. He took it as a sign from spirits that she was not destined to be a wife, but a shaman.

Apon telling the clan of his choice, they were outraged that a woman was to be placed in charge of such a sacred duty. The chief allowed it to be though. They took a message out the visions and heeded the warning. A major catastrophe happened that wiped out the neighboring clan but didn't wipe out their clan. Thus, Lavi gained the acceptance of the people for taking the duty. The next two visions helped the clan survive the next few disasters, however, her fourth vision in total was her downfall. They interpreted it with no other possible meanings available, but it did not work at all in their favor. Many perished and Lavi's support vanished. They believed her to have been taken over by a demon and to have given good omens to lure the clan into heeding an awful one. They killed the chieftain but Lavi escaped.

She hid in the woods surrounding the village for many years after the incident living off of whatever she could find. When she was about 45, she met two orphaned children from the village. They loved to play around the woods, and that was how she met them. The three did many things such as building a little shack for fun. For the first time in those so many years she spent isolated, she felt so alive around these children.

A year after she met them she walking to the shack to meet up again. However, a fire had started in the little shack with the children inside. A search party from the village was dispatched to investigate the smoke and find the kids. Lavi arrived to the shack and searched in the smoke for any sign of them. She called out for them but there was no response. She was filled with sorrow for their deaths and so she climbed out of the shack to find that the search party had just arrived. Lavi ran away as fast as she could without explaining herself and the villagers yelled out things like "Devil!" and "Demon!" behind her. She hid herself for good after that, not wanting to have her heart torn again.

Many more years passed and Lavi gradually aged past her adulthood. At about 70 years of age (not bad at all for living in the outdoors on her own), Lavi died of unknown causes (most-likely induced by madness). A patrol found her body not to long after expiring and took it back into the village for identification. Too many years had passed and no one was able to identify her. They held a funeral for the unknown woman and offered some prayers for her, the only acts of kindness from the village she never knew she received.


(Best to read point 5 of "Further Notes" before reading this)
Has a laid-back nature to her. Really doesn't get angry or upset, just gets a little annoyed. Dwells on past life from time-to-time, duties usually snap her out of it but is usually moody afterward. Gets bored easily, yet still has patience when it comes to things. Knows how to work with others from her duty as Caretaker. Is afraid of taking any higher position within the clan because of her re-imagining of her past life. Worries that anyone in the clan could be one of the children that died in the fire. Good to the few friends she thinks she has in the clan but worries over getting too attached to them in case "something about my past" causes her to hurt them (Lavi, please, you worry too much).

-Further Notes-

-Notable for having about a half of her total mass in her tail.
-When shape-shifting she can only change the ratio of tail to body. The body gets bigger and the tail smaller, or tail gets bigger and the body gets smaller (not by a lot though). When not in a shifted form, her tail holds most of her bodymass. Only her more primal Kreptis instincts can cause her form to change shape.
-Usually begins statements with an attention-grabbing word, favorite being "Oi".
-Seems to have a 'Southern' United States accent, but will transition to a more 'Northern' one sometimes.
-Remembers only bits of her past life (because of her old-age madness in her past life), but not how she died (she does know that she has died though). As a result, she has a skewed recollection of this past life. She sees her past life self as being a trickster who loved the misfortune of others. Her Kreptis life she sees as being a chance to redeem herself of those deeds she did in that life. She draws a hard line between past and current selves, but often thinks over if they are truly different people or if the past is using the current as a mask.
-Squints eyes most of the time.
-She is very afraid of fire, not just because of its light, but because of its role in her past life.

(I'll probably edit this when I have a clearer mind to fix any details or inconsistencies, maybe add a few more things)

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