Kurono Sutoraipu's backstory :D

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Kurono Sutoraipu's backstory :D

Post  Kurono on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:38 am

[Name before death] Unknown (he's convinced he is Kuro)
[Age before death] Unknown (Kuro is convinced he is 14(Not human years))
Kuro was bullied, Kuro was bullied a lot. He doesn't know why. He was too small? Too shaky? He was never sure. One day, though, something snapped. The bullies became the bullied. The hunters became the hunted. After that it was all downhill. He just got worse and worse. Then they came. He knew they were coming. The heartless, those black creatures who feed on the darkness is one's heart. It wasn't till then that he realized what a monster he'd become. When he had realized it, he let the heartless have him. He'd sit around for hours, waiting for his room to go dark. Then finally the had found him. His last though was "I deserve this", or was it? How was he alive? He even sees a light. Maybe he can get to it...

[Personality] He is of average intelligence, happy, jumpy, he loves making friends. He is quick to snap, and whenever he does he is extremely regretful and sorry.

That is Kurono Sutoraipu.


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