A Biography of Ahkryn [WIP]

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A Biography of Ahkryn [WIP]

Post  Ahkryn on Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:56 pm

Mal Ahkryn [Ahkryn or Kryn]
Gender: Female
Species: Kreptis - SkyKeeper

History: Life Before Death

Ahkryn, like many other Kreptis, does not remember her past as a living being. The only remnants of her past as a SkyKeeper are a small, strange little silver pocketwatch and her driven instincts to protect the justices and moralities of her world.

SkyKeepers are a species dedicated to continuing the constant cycle and passage of the seasons and time. They are the Guardians of the Five Origins; The Elements, The Magick, The Truth and Wisdom, The Morals and Justice, and The Passions. They are said to be beings made entirely of stardust, taking form in whatever of the five attributes they defend. The SkyKeepers are known only to those who remember and believe in The Sunrise; the beginning of creation. As the world grew and developed, the SkyKeepers' stories faded, and very few remembered or had contact with them. They protect and serve the world in subtle and forgotten ways. Sending the bitter winds throughout the lands that signal the beginning of Autumn, or chasing the setting sun past the horizon to make way for the rising moon. It is said that when a SkyKeeper dies, it is reborn into the very thing it came from; a star. In this way SkyKeepers reincarnate, born from stardust and then reborn into stars.

It is a strange and concerning mystery as to why one of the SkyKeepers did not return to the sky, but instead became a Kreptis, trapped between the two worlds.

Physical Appearance: 

Ahkryn is a species of her own, called a SkyKeeper, but carries traits similar to several known creatures. 

On all four legs, she is about as tall as a medium-sized dog. While perched on her hind legs, she reaches the height of an average human female. Her body is slender and feline, but almost dragon-like in length. Her hind legs are canine, though the claws can retract like a cat's. Her front legs, almost feline, are strange due to the fact that she has opposable thumbs. Her front legs are entirely muscle, making her quite skilled with climbing and gripping. Her front paws are still padded, though each digit is slightly elongated to almost resemble fingers. Her claws are serrated, almost similar to sharp steak knives. Her snout is a slightly longer feline muzzle, topped with a feline nose. As an omnivore, she possesses both sharp, needle-like canines, as well as molars and teeth to grind food. Her eyes are very similar to a cat's; dilating and contracting due to mood and lighting. She also has cat-like ears. They swivel towards noise and perk when alert, but are much longer than feline ears. Ahkryn's tail is quite long, two or three feet long. It is very dexterous, able to pick things up on its own. She is covered in a soft, feathery fur, from head to toe.

Markings and Coloration:

As a SkyKeeper, Ahkryn's colors change as the day does. During Dawn and Twilight, she possesses the colors of sunset. Light purples and vibrant reds and golds. During the Day, her markings shift in time with all shades of yellow and gold. And at night, the colors shift into deep blues and dark purples. They change gradually, exactly as each day does. Her smokey-misty mane and tail, along with her floating aura core and wing-like centerpiece above her spine all weave and move in the different colors, reflecting the universe and its stars in all its glory. While her markings change color, her fur color does not. It remains a deep black. Though if you were to take a strand of her medium-long length fur, it would be colorless and clear. Her eyes, pawpads, and the inside of her mouth swirl with the cosmos of the galaxies.

The emblem in her aura core and wing centerpiece changes shape as the day does. In the day time, it consists of a spiraling sun, the rays swirled clockwise. It glows and flickers, as if real fire. It remains yellow and gold until dusk arrives, then some of the previous sun's rays dissolve and dissipate, changing colors into pulsing light purples and vibrant reds and golds. As it turns to night, the rest of the rays dissolve until the shape is a crescent moon, glowing with deep blues and dark purples. 


Ahkryn is a soft-spoken creature, preferring to listen and learn instead of speak. Her voice is light and airy, but when angered, can resound with a harsh tone. She is a happy SkyKeeper, bubbly and positive. Her wits are beyond her 4 years, and she enjoys intelligent debates and discussions. Smiling is what she does best, and always prefers loving over fighting. Loyal to anyone who befriends her, she makes a great companion. Her moods can actually even change with the day as well. She tends to be more spunky and firey during the day, romantic and tranquil at dusk/dawn, and spiritual and wise at night.

When angered by injust morals or ethics, or harm to the ones she loves, she will revert to an entirely opposite being. Ahkryn will fight to the bloody, gorey death to protect. She is swift to punish someone who has clearly done wrong.

Her favorite hobbies are reading, writing, and drawing; intent on forever gaining knowledge and expressing it. 


The SkyKeeper's abilities change with her markings and the time of day. During the day, she commands fire.. the sun's power. During dusk/dawn, her vision changes entirely, and she sees the world in aura-colors. At night, she possesses the moon's power of healing, using silver, thread-like weaves to heal injuries. 


Ahkryn cannot change her ability to one of her other ones if it's not the matching time of day. She also must expend a great deal of energy to use her powers, therefore cannot use them for very long. She is also mortal, and can be killed by the typical means.

Shiny things will also usually divert her attention. She can't resist. It must be the dragon in her.

Personal Items:

She carries only one item with her at all times. A silver, beautifully carved pocketwatch on a chain. Many consider this item to be broken and useless.. as it ticks and tells time counterclockwise. Backwards. Those who have seen it deem her insane. No one has ever understood why she carries this trinket, but she does. Winding it firmly among her tail, she refuses to give her little treasure up. Ahkryn does not disclose the nature of her pocketwatch to many.


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