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Inked's Bio

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Name: Inked (Ink for short)
Gender: Male
Age: Well over 100yrs
Species: Kreptis
Form: Wolf /Elk
Past form: Human
Mate: None
Spawn: None
Items: Can always be seen with feathers tucked behind his ear.
Clan: The Ebon Circle

Personality: In a way, it can be said that Inked has two personalities.  A calm and quiet side, shadowed by moments of uncontrolled frenzies.  He is usually gentle and caring to those he considers close to himself, listening to and offering advice when he feels it is needed.  However, he can become unpredictable and even violent when he loses himself.  These frenzies are usually brought on when hunting, angered, or overexcited.  Aware of the possible consequences, Inked does his best to keep himself in check.  Inked is also a curious being.  He enjoys listening to the stories of others and learning whatever he can, no matter how trivial it might seem.

Appearance: This Kreptis is an odd mix of Wolf and Elk. His size easily matches that of the large deer, though it is mostly just in height. Under his “fur,” lies a lanky, almost skeletal frame.  Atop his head sits a large rack of dark antlers, a wispy tuft of teal mane draping down his face.  His legs end in a seamless blend of the two animals.  The paws are that of a Wolf in appearance but Elk in configuration. (Two large digits with “dewclaws” on either side.)  Along his face and body are light green-colored markings that resemble brands or tattoos.  These markings can lighten, darken, flow, and even flash depending on his mood or health.  His eyes are mint colored, and like his markings, they too react to his emotional and physical state.

Past: The Cree people often tell stories of a monster, a product of greed and cannibalism, that feeds on the flesh of humans.  With an insatiable appetite, it prowls the darkest parts of the forest in search of it's next victim.  Some say it is a crazed human being, others claim it is a shape shifter with the power to take on twisted forms of the wildlife around it.  These people call this creature the Wendigo, and to hear it's cry is to be marked for death.  Like many other stories, details are forgotten, altered, or mixed.

Before his death, he had grown up to be a skilled hunter who provided for his family and the others in their settlement.  This was especially important during the winters, when food was at it's scarcest.  It was during a particularly harsh winter when he lost his life and became the shadowy creature he is now.  The hunts were turning up less and less food and the fear of starvation was a looming possibility.  In a desperate attempt to bring something back, he and a few others decided to remain away from their home until they had something to show for.  The weather was relentless and didn't show any signs of letting up until nearly a week of being away.  Below a steep hill there was a single bull Elk, most likely lost during the last storm.  It was this Elk that the men had been waiting for.  They wasted no time in trying to take it down, but their own hunger and fatigue lead to costly mistakes.  The injured animal took off further into the woods with them following behind.  Some of the hunters split from the group in an attempt to herd their prey to a more ideal location.  His own choice put him in a position where he was able to finish it off.  Unfortunately, the ground that he and the animal had been on was unstable and their struggle sent them tumbling down in a mini avalanche.  His calls for help went unheard and his injuries left him unable to even move much.  The body of the Elk that the hunters had worked so hard to get was only a few feet from him.  He cursed his fate and thought about the consequences it could bring to his family and the others that awaited the group's return.  His final fading thoughts were of the falling snow and the biting cold it brought with it as he slipped into unconsciousness.  It was shortly after his death that the legends of the Wendigo began.  

The following winters claimed many lives before they were over and the sightings of an odd creature seemed to be linked to them.  The elders soon told stories of an evil spirit that lured it's victims by looking like the very animals they hunted, only revealing it's true grotesque form to those unlucky enough to encounter it.  Another village told stories of how the beast was once a greedy man who had gone mad. He ate another human being and was cursed with eternal hunger and a misshapen form.  The sightings of the creature stopped abruptly after the decimation of an entire settlement.

Additional notes:
- Inked sometimes sees bits and pieces of his past through dreams, though he isn't sure what to make of them.
- Drawn to items of his old life, things like feathers and bones are irresistible to him.
- He hasn't quite mastered feeding techniques without killing his prey.
- His body temperature always seems to be lower than the air around him.

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