Room situations and such. (UPDATE ON ORDER THING)

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Room situations and such. (UPDATE ON ORDER THING)

Post  Iris TEC on Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:24 pm

Alright so rooms! Sinces the Rp is based in a boarding type highschool everyone gets rooms! Yay!
Room 15: Bullet
Room 22:
Room 34: Baku and Hades (FULL)
Room 13:
Room 27:
Room 6:
Room 18: Hanzo and BB (Full)


Room 21:
Room 6: Iris and Rill (FULL)
Room 19:
Room 14: Aka and Night (FULL)
Room: 10
Room: 32
Room: 2

Alright before i was saying how there should be order in the rp and have people go in a order. But i change my mind thanks to others advice. So the RP will be free go. Go whenever you feel like you wanna go just don't get to far behind. So the RP is free go, There is no order anymore so once it starts and i start it whoever wants to reply whenever they can. So the list below is just showing everyone thats in the rp right


btw there will be more rooms later on im asumming if more people join its just for right now. So Please leave a comment below or message me on skype the room you wanna be in. (Already knowing Ima put Blu and BB together since i have a feeling they want to be together xD and ill put my name down as well.) I will also provide the list of people that are in the RP at this moment. Also if anyone has any ideas on what should be added the plot so far let me know c;

So far what i believe the plot will be based on will kinda be another story that branches off from mine and Blus rps that we had. Which basically the plot of that rp was Skye sent Blu and Iris out to rid this town of like bad souls. (like murders, bad people such and such) And just protect the town. So basically i was thinking for this rp. All the krepits that have joined the rp are going to start attending a normal boarding school but maybe like the boarding school is haunted or there has been an unnatural amount of murders or weird things going on. Its a rough idea. But if anyone wants to add onto that your opinion is greatly needed and would help my horrible one xD So yes let me know!

Thank you everyone that has chose to join! <3 you are all amazing <3 and Btw. For the order of the rp. If you are unable to go in the rp you will be skipped till your turn comes around again. Also to anyone just seeing this everyone is still welcome to join! <3

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Re: Room situations and such. (UPDATE ON ORDER THING)

Post  Murica [Grim] on Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:45 am

I guess you could put Murica in room 6. Does the rooms have a specialty?xD Otherwise put me in any random room you'd like.

Murica [Grim]
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