Tyr's Biography

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Tyr's Biography

Post  o0Tyr0o on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:56 am

**Bio is a bit outdated but the generality of it is still there**
.: - Basics - :.
Name: Tyr Hayate
Species: Kreptis
Former Species: Raven
Current Form: Ethiopian Wolf
Age: Ageless
Sex: Female
Crush: N/A
Affiliation: The Ebon Circle
Desired Affiliation: The Ebon Circle
Allegiance: Krou (Assassin)
Desired Allegiance: N/A

.: - Blood - :.
Birth Place: Laboratories of the Project 413 Institution  
Blood-Line: 67% Corvus corax (Raven), 33% Canis simensis (Ethiopian Wolf)
Blood Type: AB-

.: - Family - :.
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Brother(s): N/A
Mate: N/A
Spawn: N/A
*Genetically Engineered*

.: - Personality - :.
Behavior: Tyr is an extremely social being who enjoys lifting the spirits of others. She will often approach strangers and friends with  a positive intent as she tries to make even the most solitude personalities feel welcome. Despite her friendly heart, Tyr will not hesitate to be brash when required. In a tactical way, she will defend what she believes is right and will not stand down until she is sure that her point has been proven.  Often seen as simple being, Tyr has in fact acquired good leadership skills though use of other personality components.
Likes: Sprinting, cuddling, making friends, guarding things, cookies, birds
Dislikes: Abrasive personalities, loneliness, assumptions
Loyalties: The Ebon Circle

.: - Looks - :.
Height: 46cm
Weight: N/A (She's a shadow, thus no body weight)
Physical: (Preset version even though Tyr doesn't has a preset yet) Taking in the physical form of an Ethiopian Wolf, Tyr is generally smaller then most canines with long legs, a slender body, and tapered ears. She has a long navy blue line running downwards from her eyes, with a neon blue streak  under both optics. She also has navy blue Celtic markings along her snout and navy blue rimmed ears. On her body she has navy blue strips along her forelegs, and rear that span to the base of her back legs. On both shoulders she sports a Japanese raven kanji. Her tail is similar to Siamese markings (also navy blue). Her paws and tongue are both the same neon blue as her under eye with TEC symbols. Tyr's eyes are both white with gray slitted pupils, however her right eye has rings that span to the edges. Her mane is tinged with neon blue like a fluorescent flame.
Items: Spiked collar, checkered bracelet, and ear feathers

.: - Battle - :.
Strength: 6/10
Speed (On land): 9.5/10
Speed (In water): 8/10
Stealth (On land): 10/10
Stealth (In water): 7/10
Dodging: 8/10

.: - Qualities - :.
Leadership: 7/10
Agility: 9/10
Wisdom: 8/10
Kindness: 8/10
Selfish: 2/10
Trusting: 8/10
Loyal: 10/10

.: - History - :.
*This derives from one of my actual storylines known as Project 413, most of this bio will make sense but you can read the main story here if you want a better understanding:* http://theeboncircle.canadian-forum.com/t1106-project-413

Her name was 413-052. She was a genetically engineered raven created from existing body cells and organs from other Corvus Coraxs.
In 2093 they began the branch of Project 413 that was dedicated to human enhancement. The goal of the experiment was to examine the nutrient rich bones of a select few species so they could be imitated to make man made products more successful. That was the main purpose of Project 413;  to make human life more sustainable, no matter the consequences.

When 413-052 was brought into the laboratories by one of the many white cloaked employees, she'd only recently been created. They got to the point quickly in these labs so only a short month after her creation , 413-052 was sent in to the examination room to begin as one of the guinea pigs in the Enhancements Branch of Project 413. Upon being carried through the blank hallways, she came across a room reinforced with strong electrical currents, but it wasn't the electricity that emitted the dark aura from deep within the cell. She felt intimidated, and over powered by the negative haze that engulfed the area. The identification panel read "413-001 The Connection Branch" that cell was the home of the first experiment in all of 413. She shuddered as they continued their way to the examination hall.

When they entered the room she was hit with the pungent scent of disinfects and latex as she was moved onto a frigid metal surface equipped with an x-ray like contraption used to find the nutrient rich bones within a creatures anatomy. She gave a high pitched screech that depleted as the sedative kicked in; calming her but not completely knocking her out. The pair of scientists began working on the raven's tiny frame; one performing the physical exam, and the other monitoring the x-ray. They had her lie on her back allowing them to have her wings sprawled out to their full span. They panned over her spine, her tibiotarsus, her rib cage and her coracoid only to find regular bone nutrition despite her genetic enhancement through delicate engineering. But as her carpometacarpus, a small section located in the end of the wing was examined the scientists noticed a significant difference between it's cellular structure in comparison to the rest of her bones. As one of the first guinea pigs, the scientists were astonished that they'd find evidence so quickly so they had her immediately  transferred to the operating room to have it removed for further examination. As 413-052 was shipped over she awoke slightly from her sedative only to open her eyes slightly upon passing 413-001's cell. Through the tiny window she caught a glimpse of a human's face, the first human experiment she'd ever witnessed despite her short time of existence. The man looked her directly in the eyes, his own were a cold burnt orange. He shook his head slightly before disappearing from her sight.

Before she could comprehend the passing messages, 413-052 was put to sleep prior to undergoing the surgery. After about two hours had passed she awoke in her cell. As she tried to pull her wings in, she was met with a searing pain. Looking down to find the source she realized that both wings had been bandaged from the tip to their midsections. In confusion, her pupils contracted as she tried to piece everything together, but nothing came to mind.

'Why would they do this? Is their something wrong with me?' She questioned herself but her efforts ended in failure which only led to frustration. She collapsed on the metal floor of her confinement, her wings sprawled to the left of her fragile body.

And then she slept, she slept as though she might never wake again.

Despite her coma like state induced by genetic rebound, as well as physical and mental pain, she arose into a daze when the scientists performed their studies on her, or when they threaded her food through her nasal passage as she no longer had the strength to feed herself. However the edible concoction she was provided lacked the basic nutrition a raven required to survive.

Over the passing months, and as a full year was met, her steady sleep grew erratic as her body could no longer pull through. 413-052 was growing ill and the scientists had no reason to save her poor soul. They were of the belief that nutrition was to be kept only for human purposes, and now that they knew a raven's anatomy only contained significant nutrition in their carpometacarpus they no longer had a purpose for 413-052. Thus on January 5th, 2094 they had her scheduled to be euthanized. Her last sights were of the silver floors, the white cloaks, the suffering experiments, and 413-001. She made eye contact with him for the last time, the luminescent collar on his neck pulsating in a way that looked almost beautiful. "Light..."  She whispered. "You will be."

And then she slept. She slept as though she would never wake again.

She had no name. She walked the realms of the a place between life and death. Since she never was real, just a product of human creation, she had no where to go when she died. It seemed like an eternity being trapped as she looked down on the dying world, the sullen faces, and the barren wastelands where life used to flourish. But then, on yet another meaningless day she found yet another sullen face, but it was the face of an Ethiopian Wolf; a species that was believed to be extinct after they'd been transferred to North America for repopulation, but were hunted out by protesting poachers. The nameless raven focused in on it's poor soul, it looked as though it were on the edge of death but she could see the slight rise and fall of it's upper chest.
The frail wolf must have fallen from exhaustion at the side of a shallow river bank, it's maw slightly immersed in the cool depths. She felt a pang of concern for the creature despite not even knowing it. It was suffering just like the creatures were from 413. It had almost no life within it, and thus she came to her decision; she was going to give it's physical body her soul so they may both live on. The nameless raven looked down upon the wolf, a single tear streaming down her face landing directly beneath the wolf's eye as if it were crying with her. And then she knew her name: it would be Tyr for all the sadness she felt for the dying creatures of this world. A hurricane that came and destroyed, and that hurricane was mankind. Tyr Hayate; that would be her name. She closed her eyes, letting her spirit engulf the wolf.

And then she woke. She woke as though she would never sleep again.

Wolf and raven had become one to live on forever in the ghostly appearance they'd become. She could live again, for all the 413 subjects, she would live on amongst her new clan: The Ebon Circle.

.: - Extra Information - :.
Scent: Dry air & ocean water
Voice: Light and hollow, like it's being carried by the wind; slight Australian accent

.: - Theme Songs - :.
- - Hans Zimmer - Time - -
- - Medicine - Daughter - -
*Person she references in this song is 413-001 or the Scientists in our terms*

.: - Relationships - :.
Affection -- Crush -- Friend -- Respect -- Best Friend -- Unsure -- Loathe -- Should get to Know More

*(This bio needs to be updated so bad it's not even funny)*

Bio Template © o0Tyr0o

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Re: Tyr's Biography

Post  BlackBerry on Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:13 am

;u; Best story/bio ever. Love the character so much and love that she is just not a ''wolf''. Her Living Part made me sad and hit me really deep.


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Re: Tyr's Biography

Post  o0Tyr0o on Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:38 am

Thanks! Very Happy I try to put as much depth into my characters as I can, and most of my main OCs are connected to my Project 413-001 storyline. <33 -Floofs over to your bio- c:

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Re: Tyr's Biography

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