Iris's Biography

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Iris's Biography

Post  Iris TEC on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:55 pm

Name: Iris

Species: Kreptis

Gender: Female

Age: She was 17 when she became a krepits and she has been in her Krepits form for little over a year and a half

Mate: None Since Iris is fairly timid around males.

Appearance: Her pelt is a lovely solid black as all krepits have solid black pelts~ And her markings are a mixture of purples, blues, and pinks. Her eyes are a piercing purple at stare right into your soul. The bottom of her paws have the Ebon Circle on them. She has lovely wing like markings near her shoulders and a whole bunch of different markings through out her coat. Her markings also move~ She is also Fairly Small. Others think she is a pup or a young wolf but she is just small for her age. :3 She is a small bundle of love. In her human persona Iris is still very small for her size only about 4'9 - 5'.

Tongue: Pinkish, Purple color with different swirling designs on it.

Her Temperament: Iris really has a small temperament but she can get ticked off very easily and be fairly moody at times.

Personality: Iris is very timied and quiet, But once getting to know her she is a bundle of joy and happiness. She tends to be fairly quiet if she is meeting someone for the first time but after words she is very talkative and hyper. She is also very cuddly to her loved ones.

Rank: Mediator, Eyes of A'kra

Clan: The Ebon Circle

Her Story/Past: The background of Iris is very traumatic and sad. Like every krepits She is dead. Ill start in her human life. When Iris was a human she lived in what seemed like a quiet and peaceful town. Iris was surrounded by her friends and loved ones. Her parents were extremely supportive of her and loved her with everything they had since Iris was there only daughter. Iris was always happy, cheerful, outgoing, and loud. She loved to be with her friends and her family. She seemed like she had the perfect life. But her life went horribly wrong. In one night her whole life ended. She had been walking home from a friends house late at night on dimly lit streets. Her parents had always told her to get home before dark but this time..She didn't make it before dark...And she didn't make it home. Her peaceful town suddenly turned into a murderous one. Before Iris could step onto her street strange men out of no where grabbed her and dragged her away. They did horrible horrible things to her before they took her young life leaving her to die in a pool of her own blood. Though...When Iris's soul left her body..It changed into something else. She died..But then again she didn't die. It was like she was stuck in the middle. She had become a krepits. Something dead but yet again not dead. When she opened her eyes again gasping for air her body had changed. She was a small pitch black wolf with beautiful swirling markings that covered her pelt. Though Iris was horrify as she also had saw her dead lifeless, soulless corpses in front of her. Iris became a quiet soul. She trusted no one especially men. She wandered around sadly in her krepits form for several days before coming in contact with others like her. The Ebon circle. A clan of many krepits just like her but special in there own ways. She was timid and scared at first about joining there family but she soon learned they were all kind and very loving. She felt welcomed into there family. Though Even in this new family Iris was shy of everyone. She was especially timid around the males of the group but she slowly warmed up to them becoming friends with them. She also soon was able to move up in rank in her clan The Ebon Circle becoming a Mediator. But its obvious that Iris was different now in her krepits form  then she was in her human form. She was loud, outgoing, talkative, cheerful. But now she was haunted by her past. She is scared, shy, quiet, keeps to herself. But If you find Iris in a happy mood she is very hyper and loves to jump around and explore. You will usually find Iris though hidden under a rock in the shade to keep from burning due to the harmful sun. As a krepits Iris all suffers from being burnt by the sun like all krepits they like cold shady areas because the sun hurts them and its irritating. But now Iris still wanders around her old town checking on old friends and her family who still moron her death which sadness her to see. But this was her new life. As a Krepits.

Does She Remember Anything From Her Human Past: She remembers Most to all of her Past as a human

Other: After her death Iris suffers horrible nightmares and panic attacks of the past and her death. And there usually triggered by being around males that are angry or yelling around her. She also as a self defensive when she gets angry black acid like siliva starts coming from her teeth basically burning anything it touches and seriously hurting them

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