Kreptis Species

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Kreptis Species

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Kreptis is a term used for a different kind of shadow entity. Some believe that a shadow entity is a remnant of a being that has passed in death and did not quite make it over to the afterlife, therefore remaining stuck between the worlds of the living and dead due to a great amount of regret or tragedy, much like a ghost. These strange phenomenon aren't even aware that they're dead, resulting in their smoky, black stature that light cannot easily penetrate. These shadow beings are less likely to be seen during the day and reside in dark, enclosed areas. A Kreptis, however, can be seen out and about in light more often than its cousin because of its denser and seemingly solid form. Regardless, they have been seen phasing through anything that pass, even walls. A Kreptis caught out in the daylight too long will severely weaken, fade and dwindle, and finally die out.

The exterior of a Kreptis is said to be similar to the feeling of spandex fabric, able to stretch and increase its silhouette at ease. This may be the reason behind its ability to shape into any form of any height at will. Many believe that if you ever manage to get close enough to a Kreptis, you will notice that it will appear to be vibrating vigorously, as if its outline is completely out of control. Wander too close to a Kreptis and you will start to feel extremely weary and nauseous. Come into direct contact and possible death may occur.

Folklore tells horrid stories of Kreptis acting as a vicious and ruthless hunter of the dark, preying on the essence of victims in their slumber using black, thin tentacle-like tendons emitting from the shapeless form and piercing into the victim’s body, like fine needles, leaving nothing but a hollow shell behind. Could this be the reason why so many people feel completely exhausted around the presence of a Kreptis? This shadow entity can even invade one's subconscious mind and communicate with that person, though this may result in a corruption of the subconscious mind and cause nightmares, maybe even leave the victim brain dead. These are likely the suspicions leading to the Kreptis being seen as evil spirits of the underworld. Perhaps they may not be necessarily as evil as they're made out to be.

The true form of a Kreptis has rarely been seen before. The best way to differ a Kreptis from another shadow entity is that a Kreptis will almost always appear in the form of a dark animal with striking markings surrounding its body. The reason behind the desired and favored form is unknown. Perhaps Kreptis are linked to the spirits of animals and are simply acting out on it. Often or not, a Kreptis will allow its true form to be seen by the naked eye, but this is a highly dangerous sign for a Kreptis to fully present itself for any particular reason. If you ever happen to stick around a manifesting Kreptis, you better be prepared for a close encounter. Normal shadow entities are seemingly shy and skittish, while Kreptis are more curious and daring, often seen following people and lingering around for long periods of time, as if they were studying their subject. The actual reason is unknown. Whether or not these spirits truly exist is unknown.

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